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Our Story:

Imbue Aesthetics

Imbue Aesthetics was started to replicate a feeling.  We are practitioners of self-care and wellness.  We love how we feel when we look and feel our best. It is undeniable how self-care can increase confidence and lead to a greater sense of self-worth and beauty.  We want our clients to feel this feeling. Aesthetics practice allows us to imbue our clients with a feeling of beauty and confidence in their appearance.

Aesthetics Care Philosophy: Our secret is knowing that beautiful is a feeling achieved through self-care.

Our approach practice at Imbue is to take the breakthroughs in medical science and utilize them to improve our clients’ well-being and quality of life.  We will use the tools available to intervene and prevent the effects of aging and assist clients with the remediation and reconstruction of areas that cause uneasiness in their appearance.

Meet The Team

Dr. Angela Barron and Maleah Simpson-Meek PA-C are your aesthetics care team at Imbue Aesthetics.
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“...You’re not getting older, you’re getting more entitled to be your fabulous self."

Gwen Stefani
Dr. Angela Barron wellness spa treatment Imbue Aesthetics

Dr. Angela Barron

Aging is a fact of life, but aging doesn’t mean letting go of our brilliance. Fortunately, there are plenty of products and procedures available that can help us to continue looking as fabulous on the outside as we feel on the inside.

I am a Board-Certified Internal Medicine physician and have been practicing medicine here in the local area for nearly twenty-five years. I have years of experience in both primary care and hospital medicine. My favorite part of my work throughout the years has been educating and empowering patients to take the lead on their own health and wellness because; naturally, the patient has the most invested in their own care.

My work at Imbue Aesthetics LLC is equally rewarding–I get to advise clients (mostly women) on techniques that may offer them just the confidence boost they need to look and feel their best. I see my role as providing the medical facts about the products and procedures, then performing the procedures once the client decides what’s best for her.

Maleah Simpson Meek PA-C staff member Imbue Aesthetics

Maleah Simpson-Meek PA-C

We take care of the things that we love. So often, we forget to show that same love to ourselves. Self-care is paramount to keeping life in balance.

My practice as a Physician Assistant has been dedicated to helping patients feel their best inside and out. I have nearly fifteen years of experience in primary care and internal medicine. The transition to aesthetics came from feeling the confidence boost I received from aesthetics procedures.

At Imbue I help my clients feel beautiful and confident. It is amazing to work as an aesthetics practitioner and have so many products, tools and procedures at my disposal. I love applying artistry and skill to give my patients the same feeling of beauty and confidence that I have felt.

A Vibrant Work Culture that Flows with Creativity is Our Secret

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